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For the do-it-yourselfer or the company that is looking to estimate what they are in for when it comes to increasing their search engine optimization, we can provide SEO consultations.


Our SEO consultation begins with research on the current status of your website from both a Technical SEO aspect and current keyword results. If you have a tracking snippet embedded on your website, we can integrate that data into our reports. We will research if you have all the best platforms set up for future analysis and dig into what opportunities there are available to boost your SEO results.


Once our research is complete, we will compile a report to show our findings. We can build this report to request. The goal is to provide you with the best actionable information in order to develop a plan to begin improvements on your SEO. In the event the information uncovered is too advanced, we can discuss options to assist you with your initiatives.


The cost of our consultations depends on how deep you want us to dig for information and how comprehensive of a report you would like. In order to determine the depth of your consultation, we will attempt to identify what your objectives are with your website, what you have currently done, what resources you are currently utilizing, and your history with SEO.