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Our consulting services are custom tailored to fit your specific needs. We can perform a high level analysis of your WordPress website and help you identify areas of opportunity in the categories you find to be the most important, including performance, structure, SEO and UI design.


It is very common for website design companies and novice developers to create a website and continue to add functionality through a series of plugins with overlapping features. Sometimes plugins are used as an easy, no-code solution to increase functionality when a coded solution may be more light weight. Other times, a series of plugins are used to allow the designer to create a complex design through visual assistance rather than using the native editor.

As more plugins are added, your website becomes slower and more inefficient. Each set of plugins likely has its own JavaScript and CSS files that it must load. Sometimes, plugins attempt to load different versions of the same global resource creating conflicts. More plugins also mean more calls to the database and server processing. Your website can begin to fight itself for resources under the heavy load of all the plugins working independently rather than together in order to accomplish what you would like to see from your website.

Our Optimization Analysis consulting can take a look at the Performance which contributes to the Technical SEO of your website at various levels of detail to discover areas of opportunity for improvement, what the effort of that improvement could be and what the impact of that improvement can have on your website. We will present you with a several options depending on the severity of the issues found, which can include settings, configuration, tools, plugin consolidation or elimination, and even an entire Rebuild of your site. While that can sound scary, a rebuild can often be a long-term solution rather than a band-aid on a ballooning issue.

SEO and Structure

Our consultation services can identify areas of opportunity in the on-page SEO factors of your website and identify any structural gaps. Some users are unaware of all the different contributing factors that keywords, URLs, meta data and proper code usage can have on your website. Throughout our consultation, we will identify any issues in these categories and make recommendations on how they can be improved. Based on our findings, you may be interested in expanding our services to include our SEO optimization services.