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It’s one thing to collect data on the activity of your website, but it’s another to convert that information into actionable information. Web analytics can involve much more than just viewing the data sitting in your analytics account.

Data Analysis

Figuring out what the data in your analytics account is telling you can be complicated and confusing to sort out. There are several levels of information, metrics, dimensions, and groupings that do not always have the information connected in a way that tells a full story. Once you identify the type of information that you would like to discover, we can produce reports on your analytics to help you decipher what has been collected.

Advanced Data Collection

In your analytics account, there can be more to configure than just setting up your tracking property. You can build audeince lists for remarketing campaigns, set up conversion metrics to identify what your goals are for your website and if they have been accomplished, and even advanced collection tactics such as triggering data submissions based on events performed by users.

Custom Reports

Based on the information you are looking to retrieve from your analytics, we can use Data Studio to create custom reports that show you the most important information extracted from your analytics based on your marketing goals. This data can be presented in tables, charts, and graphs with controls that allow you to change filters and date ranges.