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If you determine that your website has too many issues and is reliant on too many plugins, a complete website rebuild could be an option. The concept behind a rebuild is to identify the exact features you want your website to perform and create a new website with those features in mind without sacrificing performance. This often involves research surrounding compounded plugins or solutions that can be provided with low-code customization. There are a couple types of rebuilds that we can assist with.

Style Duplication

With a style duplication rebuild, we can rebuild your site with minimally invasive plugins while applying performance optimizations while keeping the same look and feel of your existing website. Throughout the duplication of your website, we focus on SEO preservation and can recommend additional steps to optimize your current SEO strategies.

Many sites have customizations to template pages to a specific structure or content. In our rebuild, we can create similar templating for specific page styles or we can create single use templates that can be repeated throughout your site and give you full control over each individual page. We recommend using the built-in block editor for your pages rather than hardcoding a specific site structure, however, if several of your pages use the same repeating elements and you would like to make adjustments to those elements, each page would have to have that done individually. Your consultation can address all your available options.

Complete Rebuild

A complete rebuild starts with an empty WordPress website and builds a completely new and fresh website. We can use existing page content, graphics, and style or you can have the opportunity to create a new style. If you do not have a style in mind, you can opt to bring in a design consultant to assist in the creation of page layouts. At DTAS, we handle the technical aspects of website creation and maintenance but we are not a creative. Once there is a design in mind or a direction, we can create those designs in low-code, WordPress native block editor pages to optimize performance while giving your site a new look. Throughout this rebuild, SEO preservation and growth will be a priority.