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Digital Tech and Analytics Services

Optimization and consulting services for all technical aspects of your web presence.
Web Hosting, Website Rebuilding, Technical SEO, DNS Management, Email Migration and Management

What We Do

DTAS specializes in everything involved with building and increasing your web presence. We provide the best possible Web Hosting, Optimization Configurations, DNS Management, Email Management, Website Customizations and SEO. We offer consultation services to allow you to understand where your web presence may have deficiencies and provide a roadmap with action items to fix the issues.

Why We Are Different

We are here to help and we know what we are doing. We work very closely with our customers to address their very specific issues which is why we usually only work on referrals. We are not afraid to tell you what we do not do (Web Design), but we are the best at what we do. Our website isn’t flashy but its technically sound, is yours?

New or Interesting Project?

Our Technical Services

We work in everything web-based technology. We work well beyond the limited services that we list, but we focus our efforts to make sure our customers have the best experiences. You likely have a web-presence already, but it could be better. Whether you had a design company build your site but they didn’t optimize it (they never do), or you need help with specific services for a short time, we can help. We also do our best to help you understand complicated topics like SEO. You should know why the action items are necessary and what they will accomplish. Does your service partner do that?

Web Hosting

We have spent years testing the best web hosting available. We offer our web hosting rates at an affordable rate for the best possible service. This isn’t your buddy’s shared server, its the best you can get.

Web Management

Keep your website updated isn’t always as easy as clicking a few buttons. More plugins means more conflicts. When we manage your website, we test all releases on a staging environment to make sure your live site doesn’t break. We only offer this service on sites hosted with us.

Custom Code

Code management can be a major hassle for a website with many customizations. We can write custom code to perform specific functions or styling in HTML, CSS and JS while managing your existing custom code set. We like to keep things neat and tidy, so we will move all your code snippets to a nice, manageable location for all developers moving forward.

Web Optimizations

Nobody likes a slow website, unfortunately many designers use several plugins to accomplish their build, each with conflicting options. Your website might need to have code delivered to the user at different times to allow the visitor to quickly load your site. We can help your website perform to its maximum capabilities, targeting page speed scores over 90 on all pages.

Technical SEO

SEO is a buzz word, but few people truly understand the elements required to successfully climb the rankings. One of those factors is the technical structure of your site. Page performance, URL structure, element size, mobile responsiveness and large payloads all have contributing factors to your SEO score. Let us help you get your site ready for the new SEO metrics.

On-Page SEO and Tracking

On-Page SEO is the part of SEO that the most familiar to everyone. This takes into consideration how the content on your site is written and formatted. In order to create the best SEO strategy, you need to be tracking your target keywords, creating keyword maps, and performing continuous research and analysis. Its hard work. We can help.

DNS Management

When making changes to your web services, adding new services, moving domains and registering new domain names, the DNS controls how people can get to your website or email by your domain instead of numbers. DNS, Nameservers, @ records, MX records. It can be very confusing. We have the capability to manage your DNS for you to eliminate this confusion.

Email Configuration

Using your domain name for your email address looks much more professional than a gmail or hotmail. There are several different providers for your email service and we can configure them all. Google Workspace, Microsoft Exchange Online, cPanel based emails. If you already have an email and need DKIM or DMARC (or don’t know what those are) we can help. If your email provider did not configure DKIM and DMARC at initialization, you need to switch to us today!


Google Analytics allows you to identify important metrics to your site. There are a number of different ways that this can be configured. We will help you get or optimize your data collection through Google Tag Manager and configure any additional tracking tags and code snippets you may need without hurting your site performance. We can even build you custom reports to help you analyze and understand the data you collect.


We offer a lot of services and specialize in a lot of areas. It can be overwhelming to discover the number of technical items that must be addressed to have the best web presence. We offer consultations on specific areas you would like to focus on or we can do an entire company profile to examine all the areas that need attention.

Let’s work together

We normally work on referrals only, but if you have an interesting project, we would love to hear about it!